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14km Double Fleece

Complete the 7km course twice 

Start with a 7km loop in the main basin where all the spectators can watch their friends and family as they wind their way around Marys Trail, Merino Glen and Highlander. The 7km competitors finish at the lodge but the 14km head off again. The Lolly station in merino. Glen is hugely popular with the competitors. 

If you've completed the 7km Straggle Muster and wished you could ski a little more its time to upgrade to the 14km or the 21km.

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Double Fleece

Woolly sheep  copy.jpg

Double Fleece is a Woolly Sheep. You might say they are all woolly but a Double fleece is a hermit sheep that hides from the dogs and musterers. They miss shearing so have two or more years of wool. They became very clever and hid in the rocks above the Roaring Meg River. 


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