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Worldloppet Federation founds Virtual Racing League


Virtual races are the answer of many race organizers to pending cancellations, travel restrictions, lockdowns and limitations. Instead of cancelling their events, they have formed a race format, which everybody could participate from home: After registering for a virtual race and choosing the preferred distance and sport type, the participant starts his own race on a track of his choice. The session shall be recorded with a sports watch or smartphone, the training file shall be uploaded to the results list and the race is done! Therefore, usually, the participants get diploma to print, medals and/or finisher-shirts. A highly welcome challenge in times of restrictions, lockdowns, cancellations and limitations. A best-practice example of a virtual event was the Australian Kangaroo Hoppet - Do it Your Way 2020 this summer. 


The race organizers of the marathon series Worldloppet are planning, how to work against pending cancellations or limitations, and many of them will offer a virtual event as an alternative or in addition. Specially for skiers from abroad, this could be useful, if the travel restrictions will last over the whole winter. 


The world-organization for marathon skiing, Worldloppet, has taken this new trend as an opportunity, to offer a new challenge for outdoor sportsmen: The Worldloppet Virtual Racing League is connecting all virtual events organized by the 20 member races (among them Birkebeinerrennet, Vasaloppet, Engadiner etc.). Everyone who accomplishes to finish 7 virtual races, shall be crowned with the title „Virtual Racer“. A diploma and a finishers t-shirt are waiting. Additionally Worldloppet and their partners will raffle prizes (e.g. Northug Eyewear glasses, free entries for Worldloppet races & merchandise) among all who achieve the title until the end of the season. 


The participation in the Virtual Racing League is is for free and open to everybody. One only needs to register on Worldloppet’s website and after that, of course, participate in the upcoming virtual races. Currently, the first event will start from the 29th December: The virtual Vasaloppet China. But it is very likely, that more organizers will publish their virtual events throughout the coming weeks. On Worldloppet’s website there is a regularly updated list of events


Register now for the Virtual Racing League


„We don’t know, which races we will be able to visit this winter. But we know, that there will be a lot virtual events going on. This is the reason, why we have founded the Virtual Racing League. We, as world-organization for marathon skiing, want to hold the community together!“, says Epp Paal, Worldloppet CEO. 



Here are two Vlog showing, how a virtual race could look like:





What is Virtual Racing

Join the Virtual Racing League

Virtual Racing Facebook Group

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